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Health Portal 
Health Portal – If you have health problems, perhaps you have been living with these for years and believe there are no technologies or approaches which can help you. Perhaps this is true, but it is equally likely you simply do not know about paths to improving your health which do not occur to your physician to offer.  

Physicians are like all of us. They get in ruts and are too busy to know everything which is going on. This is one of the problems we solve for you.  

There was a time when income differences were understood by physicians. A country doctor might charge a poor farmer two chickens for the same services provided to a wealthy merchant who paid 25 chickens. Installment payments have wrought havoc with Americans, and our aim is to change this.  
You pay a percentage of what you earn each month. If this changes, if you make less, you pay the same percentage. If you earn more the amount you pay rises.  

When you sign up with Health Portal you receive a comprehensive examination which provides alternatives to many problems which have proven difficult to treat along with membership in a health club for exercise, nutrition, coping with conditions which can cause future problems, and a road map to improving your health.  

As you read below you will see how we stabilize our finances and costs you can stay healthy, enjoying your life to the fullest.  

We cannot provide miracles, but we can remove much of the worry over health which now haunts Americans. 

Do I need traditional care?

Perhaps you believe if you need traditional care these alternatives will not be included. That is not the case. What you want and need you get. You make your own choices. We do help you make the best informed choices possible by providing full information and studies on alternatives, which include Hypobaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback, and more. Today these are typically unavailable for most of the applications where they are known to work. Our plan changes this. Partnering with the highly qualified physicians and scientists who have proven these technologies we show you how they work and make them available if you choose them.  

When you sign up you begin to receive our online magazine, Caring, which provides you will non-technical innovations and updates for you to consider. 

And since the only thing certain in medicine or business is uncertainty with PAYE you can sign up even if you have no income at present. We receive no money from the government, this works because it makes sense financially, as we will show you.  

Security is the advantage with financing using PAYE. Our approach, coupling this proven safety net with Health Portal provides optimal flexibility. No one wants to be poor, bankrupt, or incapable of paying their bills. But it happens. Most people can pull out of such circumstances and go on to stability and success. When most people no longer have problems with instability all of us benefit.  

We emphasize that this comes to you without any force of law. You are free to choose and we urge you to examine the cost of Health Portal, comparing it to the plans offered to you through government. 

Inept insurance firms have overlooked 400 years of precedents in how to charge all of their potential customers. Insurance companies that are not currently finance companies, only make a snapshot of a customer with little income now, not often enough to pay an installment premium. Accounting for clients’ multi-year movie in life that can be contracted over a few years while charging a percentage-of-income will include the good income times actuarially & econometrically as well as the down times.

Because we use PAYE it is in our interest to help you improve your health, but as a community we also care about each other and about you. PAYE works for your health, your home loan, your college or training costs, and purchase of major needs, for instance farm tools and other expensive tools you need for business.  

What You Get With Health Portal 

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