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Here is more about Mutual Insurance 

What can a not-for-profit mutual accomplish? What can we do?

• If structured correctly, consumer-owned cooperative, or mutual, health insurers increase
consumer control and choice in health insurance while reducing health insurance costs in real terms of up to 40% and can significantly reduce the rate of health insurance premium growth over the long term.

• Member-owned mutual health insurers would return any profits or surplus to their policyholder-owners in the form of lower premiums or enhanced coverage benefits.

• In any design for cooperative health insurers, Congress has already avoided including any provisions that give those organizations special subsidies, financial guarantees, or regulations that limit true member ownership, or disadvantage competing insurers in the marketplace. Mutual Insurance and Coops free us from Government controlled health care.

• Congress has already proposed amending tax law to authorize non-profit, member-owned cooperative health insurers based on applying the successful model of non-profit, member-owned cooperative credit unions. Hundreds of existing philanthropic health care foundations with billions of dollars in assets could provide any start-up funding needed for new cooperative health insurers. Like minded individuals can form their own philanthropic foundations to wrest control of health care from for profit insurers and government programs.

• Existing non-profit health insurers can convert to member-owned mutual insurers and still remain tax-exempt.

Results: We get health care the way we want it while exercising our personal freedom and God given rights.